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Putting your business risks within your company top priorities means having the managerial clarity necessary to manage the challenges of the future.

Riesko is an innovative, collaborative and scalable risk management platform. Riesko provides corporations the opportunity to identify, analyze, monitor and treat potential risks.


Risks detection is an essential sub process of the overall process of risk management, through which you can become aware of uncertain events. The identification measures the exposure level of the organization.


Risk analysis and assessment can be made with qualitative, quantitative and qualitative – quantitative criteria and methodologies. Riesko allows estimating the risk considering the probability of occurrence, and the possible consequences (opportunities and threats).


The actions of management and treatment (Risk Treatment) resulting in this step of the decision making process can refer to recognized and established models that provide different types of intervention such as control, prevention, protection, tolerance, elimination, seizing of opportunities and neutralizing.


Measure risk management based on indicators provided by Riesko, which will be periodically reviewed for appropriate adjustments. Examine the effectiveness of the risk management framework Riesko created and that is adopted by the Company.

Why Riesko

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The only risk management solution that can scale across SME and Enterprise level organizations.

Risk Measurement

Defining risk measurement methodologies is the first step in achieving your company resilience goal.

Dynamic Approach

The assessment of your business risks calls for a dynamic approach, capable of adapting every day to all your needs

Full Overview

The analysis guaranteed by Riesko enables timely verification of company parameters and risk indicators.

Daily Security

Riesko ensures the satisfaction of legal and regulatory requirements as well as management systems standards.

Your Efficiency

The risk management process guarantees better effectiveness and a better allocation and use of resources.

Your Goals

Riesko drmaticaly increases the probability of meeting company objectives through complete control of the risk status

Your path to success

Resilience as a goal

The Riesko platform and management approach can ensure the highest success rate thanks to proven business methodologies.



You can’t manage your risks if you don’t know what they are, or if they even exist. The first step is to identify the events that influence your ability to achieve your objectives, define them and assign ownership.



Once the risks have been identified they need to be examined in terms of likelihood and impact. It is important to assess the probability of a risk, and the consequences of this risk occurring. This will help to pinpoint which risks should be prioritised and which have the lowest impact. This is known as a risk appetite.



Once the risk has been assessed, an approach for treating each risk should be defined. After evaluation, some risks may not require any actions but just need to be monitored. Others will require an action or mitigation plan to prevent, reduce, or transfer that risk.



Once the risk is identified, assessed and a treatment process defined, the risk cannot be left. Things can always change so the review process is essential for managing risk proactively.



Reporting at each of the four stages above is a core part of driving decision making ineffective risk management. The reporting framework should be defined at an early point in the risk management process by focusing on report content, format and the frequency of production.

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